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Find out more about the DofE Award itself on The Award page. Other Dorset DofE Centres and schools delivering DofE under DC are listed on DofE Dorset

Gillingham (Dorset) DofE Open Award Centre – Registered Charity Number 1178953 (detail here) has been operated entirely by volunteers since Sept 2014 and has to be self-funding, as per our Young Friends of Gillingham DofE page. Pics and posts on our Facebook page.

111 young people are currently working on their Award at all levels, 124 have achieved an Award since June 2018. Full Awards, since 2003, are recorded on our Awards page.

Yr9 to 24yrs can start from:

  • Bronze can start as early as the June before they go into Yr9 
  • Silver can start as early as the June before they go into Yr10
  • 16th birthday for Gold (Exped training can start earlier)
  • Direct entry to Silver or Gold is possible if of the right age

Attendance:  There is a regular Tues evening attendance expected from 4.15-5.45pm as below for each level This time is spent planning and completing prep for the assessment. It is mandatory.

  • Golds Oct-Dec 
  • Silvers Jan to Easter
  • Bronzes Mar to June/July .

Training and Expedition dates are now booked with leaders for 2019-20, therefore we do not change them once published. Please check them against your own family and activity calendars before signing up.

Enrolment: to all levels is possible at any time but there are key dates you have to attend to be eligible for the Expedition section in the following year. 

If you did a previous level it will need to have been verified as finished unless there are extenuating circumstances! 

You can ensure your place by paying and enrolling online. See above website banner for the enrolling link. BACs – Bank Ref MUST BE full name of participant. sortcode 30.98.97 (Lloyds) a/c 47830260

Note that the enrolment fee goes elsewhere to buy your place and we can’t get it back if you change your mind. 

It is an individual responsibility to choose and to check that any activity  undertaken for the DofE programme is appropriately managed and insured, unless the activity is directly managed or organised by their DofE group, such as the Expedition. We’ve lots of ideas but can’t organise them for you. 



What’s Happening at Gillingham DofE OAC?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Gillingham, Dorset is delivered under the DofE licence of Dorset Council by Gillingham Open Award Centre (OAC). Term time Tuesday sessions after school will be at the Slade Centre, The Square, SP8 4AR from Tues 5 Nov 2019