Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteers

Our volunteers love creating a positive, supportive environment that’s bristling with energy for participants. They support the DofE’s overall mission and help run the Centre, helping young people to achieve their full potential.

Gold Participants who want to volunteer their help to the Bronze Participants are very welcome. For the volunteering section the commitment to Tuesday evenings is 3.30 – 5pm and/or expeditions must be regular and sustainable over at least 12 months.

Recommended Personal Kit for Helpers

The process for all potential ADULT Dorset Council volunteers is as follows:

Have a look at:

DofE website to see what you could do. There are many different roles, and you can help in a myriad of useful ways general support e.g. admin, fundraising, bus driver, help run one section or give specific training.

DofE Modular training that Leaders can undertake

Maybe you would like to get a walking qualification?

Register interest by completing the form below.

The Dorset Council Recruitment Process will require an application form, references and DBS to be completed. All volunteer forms are found on the DofE Dorset volunteering webpage