Through the Physical section you should achieve a greater physical fitness by participating and improving in physical activity.  It’s sure to make you feel healthier and you’ll have fun along the way.

You don’t need to be super fit or Olympic standard to achieve this section – regular activity is enough.

From hockey to dance, rock climbing to swimming, wheelchair basketball to yoga – almost any dance, sport or fitness activity (including regular walking) can count. 

You can join a team or do it on your own, concentrate on something you’re already doing or try something completely different – it’s up to you.

Please don’t get DofE Physical mixed up with the Games and Recreation section of DofE Skills. Sports specifically listed in the Physical Section can only be followed as a DofE Skill if you’re doing it as a leader, umpire, or a research project. Another good reason to check it out before starting.

Have a look at the Programme Ideas for the Physical Section

Gillingham School Sports offer is on this page, scroll down for the PE club timetable.

Shaftesbury School extracurricular sport

Sports are listed here amongst many other local clubs and groups as well as by Vale Advertising

Active Dorset will help you find a range of activities to enjoy that are taking place across the countyDorset Activities Finder

Home activities will need to be recorded using this LOGSHEET which is uploaded to eDofE for a leader to be the assessor.

Examples are:

·         Complete the couch to 5k, or many of the other NHS fitness sessions

·         Do an online yoga course with  Yoga CharmD  or  The Yoga Gate

·         Do an hour’s YouTube fitness video each week (you can try Bootcamps, Pilates, dance routines and more)

·         If you’ve got a garden, do some circuit training

·         Get out on your bike in your local area – use an App like Strava to track your routes to upload as evidence on eDofE

·         Completing different walks in your local area, again use Strava to record

·         WiiFit games – screenshot progress and upload to edofe

·         Nintendo Ring Fit – record like WiiFit

·         Sport skills (i.e. practising skills to develop in your favourite sport)

·         Fitness challenges (e.g. 100 press up challenge, plank challenge, step challenge)

Handy Resources

LOGSHEET which is uploaded to eDofE for a leader to be the assessor if you’re doing this at home

FAQs on the Physical section!