Participants can enrol to Silver at any time from the 1st June before they go into Yr10. 

Those working on their Bronze can start the sections that they have finished at Bronze. 


  • Drop in for help most term time Tuesdays after school at any stage in your Award. When school is open we are in the Dance Studio (above the MPH) at Gillingham School from 3.30pm to 5.30pm
  • 6hr Nationally accredited Emergency First Aid course- dates here, unless formal 1st Aid training has been completed within the past 3 years. 
  • Expedition dates are HERE.  Detailed information is added to download 3 to 4 weeks prior to the date. 
  • Usually regular ***Tuesday evening attendance is expected for most of the Spring term and is from 3.30 to 5.30pm
    • This time is spent planning and completing prep for the expedition assessment.
    • It is mandatory because its part of the assessment! 
    • After the Final, Expedition attendance is only expected to finish the Expedition Presentation.

Dates to consider:

First Aid training will need to be completed if not undertaken in the last 3 years – or proof of training received – the booking form is found here.  Sat 19 Dec 2020 OR Sat 15 May 2021

If out of lockdown, we would like to meet Tues March 9 from after school, to get everyone in teams and prepared for the training. 

***Tuesday attendance has been reduced to the Tuesdays detailed below. You will now do your expedition planning on one full day – April 12

Sat 13 and Sun 14 Mar 2021. Training weekend. NOT overnight. £5 

Sat 10 to Mon 12 Apr Practice £25 (Shaft/Cranborne area). Mon 12 will be a planning day for the Final.

Final Sat May 1 to Mon May 3 (BH) Purbeck nd Cranborne 

Tues June 1st  – deadline for the Presentations to be completed. 

Tues July 6  – Awards Presentation including Cert of Achievements

The Award is very flexible in the way that it can be approached: not all sections need to be started at the same time and two levels can be worked on at once, but ask for the fine print!

We anticipate the 2020/21 Silver Expedition to be done and dusted by the beginning of May but there’s still work on the team presentation to do afterwards. To take part in this section of their Award Participants must attend the programme consistently and take part in planning and organising their Final Exped. This is because the teams and the people in them have to be safe and ready enough to execute a self-sufficient and unaccompanied assessed expedition that they’ve planned themselves. On assessment, teams are remotely supervised and meet leaders at agreed checkpoints