Participants can enrol at any time from the 1st June before they go into Yr9.

You are expected to discuss and agree your sectional choices. You can pop in for help most term time Tuesdays at any stage in your Award.

Required attendance in the Autumn term is about once a month for specific training – see below and our full calendar page

Local day hikes would normally have started in the New Year. The revised programme is detailed below. 

Regular Tues evening attendance in 2021 is from Tues 20 April in the Dance Studio (MPH) from 3.30 until 5.15/30pm  This time is spent planning and completing preparation for the expedition assessment. It is mandatory because everyone has to be involved.  Also, the teams and the people in them have to be safe and ready enough to execute a self-sufficient, unaccompanied, assessed expedition that they’ve planned themselves. On assessment, teams are remotely supervised and meet leaders at agreed checkpoints.

We anticipate the 2020/21 Bronze Expedition to be done and dusted by the end of June 2021 as below.

We keep most Bronze events to local areas and, to keep transport costs down, ask that parents help by dropping off and picking up from start and finish points. If there is ever a problem doing that then please speak to a leader.

The Award is very flexible in the way that it can be approached: not all sections need to be started at the same time and two levels can be worked on at once, but ask for the fine print!

Bronze Dates for 2020 -21 enrolled cohort

The Jan 3 Mandatory First Aid training has been postponed to May 15 2021

All hikes and camps are local (within 25miles) and parents are asked help to transport (please say if that’s a problem!)

 Tuesday Mar 23  is our first meet back together immediately after school in the Dance Studio (1st Floor MPH). We’ll do some team building and discuss the upcoming day of training as well as sectional choices! 

Sat Mar 27 OR Sun Mar 28 Day hike £5. Half the teams on one day, half on the other.

Easter Holidays

Tuesday meetings: 20 Apr, 27 Apr, 4, 11 and 18 May.

First Aid for the second half is Saturday 15 May. 

Sat and Sun 22/23 May OR 5/6 June Practice. Day 1 will be a thorough full kit check at school followed by a walk, then cook tea and go home (end venue tbc). Day 2 will only be for those who have been asked to attend with a parent/s because there appears to no or incomplete progress on other sections. We want to get these sorted for you asap now. 

  • May Practice: Silver, Black, Orange, Royal Blue
  • June Practice: Red, Dark Green, Teal Blue, Purple, Lime Green, Yellow

Tuesday meetings: 25 May, 8, 15 and 22 June.

Sat and Sun 19/20 June Finals weekend for all Bronze teams £25

Mini Exped Presentations to do on Tues 29 June 

Award Presentations including Certificates of Achievement – Tues July 6th 

2021 Bronze Teams as chosen by themselves

Alexander Teal Blue
Amelia Yellow
Beatrice Yellow
Bede Royal Blue
Biba Lime Gn
Connor Royal Blue
Daniel Teal Blue
Eddy Dark Gn 
Edie Black
Elizabeth Black
Emilie Lime Gn
Emily Yellow
Esme Silver
Ferne Black
Grace Red
Hannah Red
Harry B Orange
Harry P Royal Blue
Henry Royal Blue
Ifor Orange
Isabel Red
Isobel Yellow
Jack Dark Green
Jack Royal Blue
Jay Dark Green
Jenna Silver
Joseph Dark Green
Kieran Purple
Liam Dark Green
Lillie Dark Green 
Louis Purple 
Madeleine Silver
Madison Purple
Matthew Purple
Miles Orange
Naomi Purple
Nigella Lime Gn
Oscar Purple
Owain Red
Phoebe Lime Gn
Poppy Silver
Rebecca Purple
Ruby Black
Thomas R Orange
Thomas M  Teal Blue
Thomas H   
Toby Red
William P Orange
William M Royal Blue
William S Teal Blue