Participants can enrol at any time from the 1st June before they go into Yr9.

You are expected to discuss and agree your sectional choices. You can pop in for help most term time Tuesdays at any stage in your Award.

Required attendance in the Autumn term is about once a month for specific training – see below and our full calendar page

Local day hikes start in the New Year

Regular Tues evening attendance is from early March, 4 – 6pm. This time is spent planning and completing preparation for the expedition assessment. It is mandatory because everyone has to be involved.  Also, the teams and the people in them have to be safe and ready enough to execute a self-sufficient, unaccompanied, assessed expedition that they’ve planned themselves. On assessment, teams are remotely supervised and meet leaders at agreed checkpoints.

We anticipate the 2020/21 Bronze Expedition to be done and dusted by the end of June 2021 but there’s still work on the team presentation to do afterwards.

We keep most Bronze events to local areas and, to keep transport costs down, ask that parents help by dropping off and picking up from start and finish points. If there is ever a problem doing that then please speak to a leader.

The Award is very flexible in the way that it can be approached: not all sections need to be started at the same time and two levels can be worked on at once, but ask for the fine print!

Bronze Dates for 2020 -21 enrolled cohort:

Invitations will be issued to newly enrolled people to attend the following Tuesdays so that we can limit attendance in view of current COVID restriction. Please wear masks at least into our meeting room. 

  • 22nd Sept after school until 5.30pm
  • 29th Sept after school until 5.30pm
  • 6th Oct after school until 5.30pm
  • 13th Oct after school until 5.30pm
  • 20th Oct after school until 5.30pm

If you miss the above then 5.30 – 6.30pm by appointment please – ring 07908954105 to arrange. 

Tues Nov 3 – Briefing for the Basic Training weekend which we can now confirm will be in the GYM at Gillingham School at 3pm until about 4.30pm. 

Sat and Sun Nov 7/8. Basic Training weekend which will now be two consecutive days based on Silton Village Hall. Both days are to be attended.

Sat Dec 19 OR Sun Jan 3 Mandatory First Aid training. The group has to be split. Form found here

Sat Jan 16 2021– Day Hike

Sun Feb 21 – Day Hike

FROM TUES 16 March 2021 – Tues after school attendance to 6pm 

Tues 23 Mar Briefing for camp

Sat Mar 27 – Sun Mar 28 (finish after breakfast). Day hike and overnight camp.

Tues 11 May Briefing for both Practices 

Sat and Sun 22/23 May OR 5/6 June Practice, finishing Sunday lunchtime (half the teams one w’end, half the other)

Tues 8 Jun Briefing for Final 

Sat and Sun 19/20 June Finals weekend for all Bronze teams.

Presentations to do ……… !