Bronze Programme

Participants can enrol at any time from the beginning of Yr9 but, to complete their Expedition in the same academic year, need to be starting the Expedition training programme with the base training weekend in November (see overview).

Here are the 2017-18 Dates and Costs

Please see the Activity Details page for events coming up. Detailed information is added to download 3 to 4 weeks prior to the date.

Everyone is expected to undertake the 6hr Emergency First Aid course unless they have completed formal 1st Aid training within the past 3 years. Dates are (one to attend) Mon Dec 18 and Mon 16 April – an Inset Day for Gillingham School.

A more detailed evening and exped programme is 2017-18 DofE Dates. The yellow highlight indicates when you need to be able to attend.

The regular Tues evening attendance is from 4.15-5.45pm.. This time is spent planning and completing prep for the assessment. It is mandatory.

You can pop in for help most term time Tuesdays at any stage in your Award..

To encourage completion of the full Award our Centre stipulates that at least two out of the voluntary, physical or skills sections are completed in time for the Final in June. At Bronze there are two 3 month sections and one 6 month to complete, as well as the Expedition in order to get the badge and certificate!

We anticipate the 2017/18 Bronze Expedition to be done and dusted by the end of June 2018 but there’s still work on the team presentation to do afterwards. To take part in this section of their Award Participants must attend DofE Expedition training consistently and take part in planning and organising their Final Exped. This is because the teams and the people in them have to be safe and ready enough to execute a self-sufficient and unaccompanied assessed expedition that they’ve planned themselves. On assessment, teams are remotely supervised and meet leaders at agreed checkpoints.

We keep Bronze Exped practice and final to local areas and, to keep transport costs down, ask that parents help by dropping off and picking up from start and finish points. If there is ever a problem doing that then please speak to a leader.

The Award is very flexible in the way that it can be approached: not all sections need to be started at the same time and two levels can be worked on at once, but ask for the fine print!