Our volunteers love creating a positive, supportive environment that’s bristling with energy for participants. They support the DofE’s overall mission and help run the Centre, helping young people to achieve their full potential.

Gold Participants who want to volunteer – as part of their Gold Award – their help to the Bronze Participants are welcome to ask. The commitment to Tues evenings 4-5.30pm and expeditions must be regular and sustainable over at least 12 months.

The process for all potential ADULT DCC volunteers is as follows:

  • Have a look at the DofE website to see what you could do.There are many different roles for our volunteers; DofE Helpers are adults who can spare some time to help run a group, in a myriad of useful ways. You could give general support, i.e. admin, fundraising, help run one section or give specific training.
  • Also have a look at the DofE training that Leaders can undertake with DCC
  • There are specific roles, with a Job Description. It is possible, in a small Centre, to take on more than one:
    • DofE Co-ordinators
    • DofE Leaders
    • DofE Assessors
    • DofE Supervisors
    • “Back of house” support with admin, accounts, fundraising, quartermaster…………
  • Register interest by speaking with a Centre Leader at Gillingham OAC
  • Or email info@gillinghamdofe.co.uk
  • Volunteer completes an enrolment form and nominates two referees by application letter outlining relevant experience of working with young people, The Award, outdoor leadership or administration depending upon the role that you envisage undertaking as above
  • Initial meeting/informal interview
  • Identify a mutually acceptable role/placement
  • On receipt of suitable references Disclosure and Barring Service clearance process is initiated
  • On receipt of DBS clearance volunteer commences placement and training
  • Safeguarding training is instigated as soon as possible
  • Basic induction training needs to be completed within the first six months in most cases – The Intro to DofE is the course to consider in order to get a really good overview of how a DofE programme works – even if your part seems a small part of the jigsaw. 
  • Volunteer fully integrated into the local/county team
  • Further training undertaken as desired/required