Expedition and full calendar

In 2021, we will be meeting in the Dance Studio (above the Multi Purpose Sports Hall) at Gillingham School from immediately after school: 3.30pm until 5.30pm 

Individuals/parents are welcome to drop in for help any time.

Regular team attendance for Silver expedition planning and preparation is during the spring term; Bronzes from April until June. Golds will do their planning in one day in the future: see the gold page

Teams continue to work together until their Expedition Presentation is completed 

The Expedition section has three elements for all to cover at all levels:

  1. Training
    • Getting all the basics in place. Direct supervision
    • Bronzes/Directs do full basic training including 1st Aid and overnight camping
    • Acclimatisation and upskilling for Silvers and Golds
  2. Practice
    • Can they do a self sufficient Final? Close, moving to remote supervision
    • Bronze –  a day, overnight and morning
    • Silver – 2 nights, 2 days
    • Gold – 3 nights, 3-4 days (room for refresher training)
  3. Final
    • Fully self sufficient and appropriately remotely supervised
    • Bronze – 2 days (6hrs planned journeying) 1 night
    • Silver – 3 days (7hrs planned journeying) 2 nights
    • Gold – 4 days (8hrs planned journeying) 3 nights

If expedition stages are missed by an individual we ask other Dorset Council DofE centres to help. 

Expedition Kit: 

  • Kit List for a normal expedition!
  • Kit does not need to be especially bought at first
  • Please make sure that everything on the list is packed and don’t forget to leave room for team kit like a tent or trangia or fuel. Don’t overpack.
  • We have some kit that can be borrowed, so long as it is returned after the Expedition/event in the condition it went out in! It is lent on a first come, first served basis. It must come back in on the agreed date otherwise you will incur a £1/week late fee! That late fee will go up. People who persistently don’t return kit will not be able to borrow it again.

Menu planning and food choices:

  • D of E Gourmet Meal Suggestions – handout
  • Food on Expedition – Slides
  • An important part of training so you know
    • personal needs
    • collective team evening meal. 
  • Please do NOT bring things needing hot water at lunch time – for various reasons: safety, hygiene, convenience, teamwork, need for extra fuel (and therefore extra to carry), timings – especially when teams are already behind due to getting mislaid or inclement weather!

Useful downloads: 

All dates are below.

Further Activity Detail is added to offsite events as the dates get closer. Please say if you have any problems getting to or being collected from the start/finish points.

  • Bank account: Gillingham DofE OAC  
  • BACs transfer: sortcode 30.98.97 (Lloyds) a/c 47830260 – Bank Ref MUST BE full name of participant

All dates are subject to any COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time 

Current health and safety measures are here: Covid Exped Security as at 17 March 2021.  As we are not able to camp overnight the expeditions will be consecutive days of activity plus tea, review and then home, until guidance is updated from Westminster. 

EASTER HOLS – 2 to 18/4 (Easter BH 2-5 Apr)

Summer term Apr 19 to July 23 (half term w/b 31/5 – BH)


  • Tues 20 Apr Bronze sessions start and go on until 22 June
  • Tues 27 Apr Bronze session. Silver briefing for final 


  • Sat to Mon May 1-3 Silver Final
  • Tues 4 May Silver planning for Exped Presentation. Bronze session
  • Tues 11 May Bronze session
  • Saturday 15 May FIRST AID all day 
  • Saturday 15 May morning ALEL  planning the Bronze Practice 
  • Tues 18 May Bronze session
  • Sat to Sun 22/23 May Bronze Practice half the teams. Finish at lunch 
    • ALEL  Young Exped Leader Training 
  • Tues 25 May 2021-22 Enrolments Information Session – Yr 8s to attend 
  • Tues 25 May Awards Presentation including all Certs of Achievement – venue tbc 
  • Sat 29 May Gold planning for the July 2021 final. 


  • half terrm week – Gold Training – dates tbc 
  • Sat to Sun 5/6 June Bronze Practice half the teams. Finish at lunch 
    • ALEL Young Exped Leader Training 
  • Tues 8 Jun Bronze session 
  • Tues 15 Jun Bronze session 
  • Sat to Sun 19/20 June Bronze Final ALL teams
  • Tues 22 June Bronze mini Expedition Presentations 


  • Fri to Tues 9 – 13/7 Gold Practice on Dartmoor 
    • Journeying assessment for ALEL  candidates 
  • Tues 20 July ALEL   End of course.
  • Sat to Wed 24 – 28/7 Gold Final on Dartmoor 

SUMMER HOLS – Start Sat 24 July 2021