Activity Details for events coming up – all levels

‘Please note that we have some kit that can be borrowed, so long as it is returned after the Expedition/event in the condition it went out in! It is lent on a first come, first served basis. It must come back in on the agreed date otherwise you will incur a £1/week late fee!. People who persistently don’t return kit will not be able to borrow it again. 

After Expedition training all teams must undergo as many official practices as necessary to ensure that they can complete their Final in a self sufficient and responsible manner, under remote supervision. After all the training we do that should mean one practice is all it needs! If a Practice opportunity is missed by an individual then the Final can be done as a Practice, and then the Final undertaken later in the year (probably Oct half term) with others who also miss the boat this term.

A Practice at Bronze must include one nights camping; Silver is two nights and Gold is two nights too but we like to do three, because of the tough navigation and conditions in wild country.

A full expedition kit list is found below, as well as ideas for expedition food.

Please make sure that everything on the list is packed and don’t forget to leave room for team kit like a tent or trangia or fuel.

Menu planning and food choices are an important part of training, so that everyone knows what they are going to bring personally and will be cooking with their teams for their evening meal. Too many individual dinner choices makes for a lot of fuel carrying!

It is not appropriate to bring things to cook at lunch time for various reasons: safety, hygiene, convenience, teamwork, need for extra fuel (and therefore extra to carry), timings – especially when teams are already behind due to getting mislaid or inclement weather!  

Please say if you have any problems getting to or being collected from the start/finish points.

  • Bronze DofE Expedition Training Framework is to be found here
  • Silver Training Framework is found here
  • Gold Training Framework is found here
  • The 20 Conditions of the DofE Assessment are here
  • A successful final (2019)
  • ALL cheques to made out to Gillingham DofE OAC please. 
  • BACs is possible. Bank Ref MUST BE full name of participant. sortcode 30.98.97 (Lloyds) a/c 47830260


Next Season’s dates are here: 2019-20 Calendar

Teams attend on Tuesdays until their Expedition Presentation is completed 

Gold: 19 – 23 July Final Dartmoor

The event details here: Activity Details OAC Gold Final July 19-23 July 2019

Please download and read carefully, especially about your Kit and your food needs.

Don’t forget that a Gold Expedition presentation based on your Aim is expected. Our advice would be to get on with this in the summer holidays because, come September, life will swoosh forward yet again! Deadline Tues 1st October 2019. 

Sam B-A has a number of extra Wayfarer meals available at £4 each. 

There is a pre-brief on Tuesday 16 July at 4.15pm. Please make every effort to attend. We will be going over arrangements, prepared routes and route cards, what you need for your Aim work, reminding you of the 20 Conditions – all those little things that remembering will make all the difference!! Parents are, as always, welcome to attend. 

We would appreciate the fee being paid before Friday. Please bring cash/cheque on Tues 16 or pay by BACs asap.  Bank Ref MUST BE full name of participant. sortcode 30.98.97 (Lloyds) a/c 47830260

Looks like we will get rain: Metcheck Dartmoor

Thank you